Unique researches and international cooparation
(1) We concluded MOU with following universities and agencies for progressing international joint research with Indonesia, Chili and Peru.
  1. Brawijaya University, Indonesia (Fiscal year 2008)
  2. Udayana University, Indonesia (Fiscal year 2010)
  3. Directorate General of Fiscal Balance, DGFB, Indonesia (Fiscal year 2015)
  4. National Agency for Disaster Management, Indonesia (Fiscal year 2016)
  5. Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics, Indonesia (Fiscal year 2016)
  6. National Coordination Agency for Surveys and Mapping, Indonesia (Fiscal year 2016)
  7. University of Concepcion, Chili (Fiscal year 2016)
  8. Valparaiso University, Chili (Fiscal year 2016)
  9. National Engineering University, Peru (Fiscal year 2016)
  10. La Molina National Agrarian University, Peru (Fiscal year 2016)
  11. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM), Peru (Fiscal year 2017, Scheduled)
  12. Universidad San Ignacio De Loyola, Peru (Fiscal year 2017, Scheduled)
  13. Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil del Peru, Peru (Fiscal year 2017, Scheduled)
The conclusion of MOU with Directorate General of Fiscal Balance, DGFB, Indonesia
(2) International Contributions to be as a Data Analysis Node (DAN) of Sentinel-Asia
We became the first university of DAN of Sentinel-Asia in Japan. And we have analyzed heavy rain disaster at northern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture occurred on 2013 firstly, and has been analyzing several disasters.