Greeting from the Director

To establish better relation among human and the earth using satellite remote sensing technology!

Our center would like to go ahead with satellite remote sensing utilization technique, as well as train scientists and engineers in this field, and spread satellite remote sensing utilization across the entire globe. The significant benefits from the utilization of the technique which can be helpful for protecting peoples’ lives while disaster occurred, stable harvesting foods, and so on are immeasurable. In addition, it is possible to contribute to global environmental protection activities by grasping environmental issues such as illegal deforestation and/or marine pollution accurately, etc. In the days ahead, it is considered various global-scale issues would be potentially occurred. Because of sensor improvement and analysis development, satellite remote sensing has come to play a major role of the solution of these significant issues. And we can see great potential for the remote sensing technique. Thus, we would like to publish many of HOT research results using satellite remote sensing to the world as well as produce large amount of world-class resource persons from Yamaguchi University.

Director, Fusanori MIURA